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1. This is a guarantee for all chicks that are picked up at our location. We have made sure your new baby chicks are leaving to their new home happy and healthy.

2. If the baby chick dies within this 24 hour period, provide us with pictures of the deceased chick and we will gladly replace the baby chick. 

3. Baby chicks are delicate and are effected by many different factors which is why we can only offer a guarantee within the first 24 hours. 



1. This option comes with an additional cost that can be added to each individual chick. You can purchase this for all of your chicks or only certain ones.

2. The only way to guarantee the sex of a baby chick is by DNA testing.  Currently we do not offer this. This guarantee ensures that if you purchase a chick from us and it turns out to be a rooster we will replace it with a free chick. You will bring us the rooster and we will give you a free chick as well as rehome the rooster. 

3. This option is available for local pickup customers only.  

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