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We do offer a very limited service for grow outs. Not everyone has the ability to keep young chicks under heat or in their house until they are coop ready, for this reason we offer this service.

What comes with this service.

  1. We care for your selected chicks from the time of selection until they are 8 weeks old.

  2. Grow outs are only up to 8 weeks, unless written agreement is established.

  3. This is offered for straight run chicks only.

Price of Service.

  1. The cost is $5 per bird per week, up to 8 weeks.

  2. There is a 50% non-refundable deposit fee required for this service.

Buyers Responsibility.

  1. Buyer is responsible for arranging pick up of birds by the written agreement date on your receipt.

  2. If chicks are not picked up or there is no communication to Feathers and Fluff Farm within 24 hours of agreed pick up date, Feathers and Fluff Farm has the option to release the birds to other buyers. 

Grow Out Service: Welcome
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