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If baby chicks are not for you and you would like to try your hand at hatching your own baby chicks this is an option for you.

Please Text us at (760) 590-5571 or click the button below to contact us for all your Fertile egg needs


Shipping can be very rough on eggs and there are a lot of situations that a breeder cannot control. We do everything we can to make sure you receive the best eggs, we do not ship anything over 10 days old when it leaves our hands. Each egg you receive will be marked with the breed and the date the egg is laid. We do our very best to package them to prevent cracks or broken eggs. However, we cannot control  how the eggs are handled by the USPS, how you handle them when they arrive and we cannot monitor or control how well they are incubated. The average hatch rates on shipped eggs can be anywhere from 0% to 30%. If you get over 30% count yourself lucky.  Due to this we CANNOT guarantee your hatch rate. There are too many possibilities that can occur between our hands all the way to hatch day.  That being said we ask that all buyers to report to us the status of the eggs when first received and let us know how your hatch rate went after hatch. We are here to help and guide you as well as possible. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE YOUR HATCH RATE.

Fertile Eggs: Welcome
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